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Tel:  514-274-2400  Email: info@thebackrivergroup.com

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Prince: Since 1970, Prince has been a world leader in innovation and the production of tennis equipment.  Having set mile stones across it's 45 year existance, Prince contiunues to create top quality products and helps tennis players around the world achieve their goals.

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Sprigs:   One of the most creative companies in North America!  Makers amazing products such as Earbags and Sprigs Arm Band among others.


Aftershokz:   AfterShokz headphones deliver premium stereo sound and a promise of safety and comfort that is second to none.    AfterShokz brings patented bone conduction technology, initially developed for military special operations and law enforcement by Voxtech in 2001, to sport, mobile and Bluetooth® headphones designed and priced for everyday use.  The ultimate in situaltional awerness!

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